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Long-term forex trading

Long-term trade - this is one of the methods, which always allow for a thorough analysis before the transaction. Thus, trader receives and takes into account all the information, available for the currency pair.

Long-term trade includes several areas

Interest rate

You can not ignore interest rates, if you want to trade more widely. If you continue to trade currencies more than a day, you'll notice something, called rollover. Depending on the currency, involved, in trade, and its direction, you can pay different amounts. Mostly, if the country is paying good interest, global traders buy its currency against the weak currency, creating a tendency.


This goes along with the above idea. Basics include such things, employment, interest rates, CPI and even policy. When long-term trade you should know all the fundamental factors, affecting currency, participating in trade.

Technical analysis

Technical analysis has a lot of methods. С его помощью один трейдер использует скользящую среднюю, в то время как другой может думать о MACD. При долгосрочной торговле вы ищете технические аспекты для поддержки ваших сделок. If you want to buy a currency pair, you definitely do not want to pay for it. Your long-term trade should have some technical analysis, that supports your decision. It helps with long terms, and help you avoid non-profitable transactions. You may have the right idea in general, but the evidence of technical analysis to help reduce the risk of.

Weekly charts

If the analysis of changes, originating from the currency pair during the day is not enough, You can take a step back and look at their weekly charts. Это позволит отследить любые изменения, даже не слишком значительные. Получив такие данные, вы можете сделать сильные торговые решения, которые поддерживают позиции, имеющиеся у вас на руках. You should never make transactions, that no confirmed. You should be able to explain them to a third party, if there is a need. If you follow this rule, it will help you avoid rash trade. Real long-term trading can be quite slow and sluggish.

Long-term trade takes into account all the above factors, and allows you to make an informed decision. Experts say, it is one of the best methods of trade. It is also one of the most sophisticated methods for traders, because he does not give a quick win.

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