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How to Get Started in Forex Trading?

To get started, you first need to register your trading account using any of Forex brokers, к примеру, Forex4You or Forex MMCIS. Generally, it is sufficient, and a 5-minute. After that you can start working with a client program broker buying and selling currency.

Who owns the Forex Market?

Specific owner of this market have not. This interbank market, transactions which take place directly between the buyer and seller. Forex is independent of all governments, and it will work as long as long as there will be established banking system.

When you can work on the Forex market?

Forex market starts to work in 22:00 GMT on Sunday, with the Australian trading session and terminates in 22:00 Friday with the closing of the U.S. trading session.

Margin - it?

Smearing is a certain amount of cash, that should be placed on the account with a broker, a trader could carry out the necessary operations it. Margin each different broker.

Long and short positions - that is?

A long position is the one position, a package which is designed to, t. it is. it will make a profit, if the price will rise. Meek position is the opposite of a long and profitable at lower prices.

How to determine the best trading strategy?

A strategy working constantly and everywhere no. Every trader himself is developing its own strategy, it is constantly improving and improving. In this case, any strategy works and makes a profit of only a certain time and in relation to a particular currency pair.

What is the minimum amount necessary to make in order to get started in the Forex market?

The minimum deposit envy of trading conditions, requirements to choose a broker. In most cases, this is the minimum 100$, although there are brokers, minimum deposit which is equal to 1$.

I have no way (or desire) install software to work at Forex. Is it possible to operate in the market without?

If you can not install software on your computer, you can use the services of web-platforms. True, not all brokers support such platforms, a short list of brokers working with web-platforms is presented below:

  • Interactive Brokers
  • Easy Forex
  • eToro
  • Oanda

Developments in the world dictates a certain movement of the price chart. However, the schedule does not move or, or starts to move in the opposite direction. What is the reason?

Because of its features of the Forex market can not ignore the fundamental pillars of trade. For each currency pair affects a huge number of factors, the totality of which can move in any direction graph excluding various events.

Is it possible to lose more than Forex is in the account?

No, it is simply impossible, no broker will not allow. Once your account balance reaches a dangerous level, the broker closes the position brings losses, since the loss in the cash amount is more, than it already invested loss broker, which he could not afford. For his defense brokers have been developed and applied the concept of stop-out. Stop-out allows the broker to close unprofitable positions, once losses reach a certain level.