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The initial stage requires you to only the presence of the internet and free time. How to get started in Forex is reduced to 3 simple steps. We perform these steps on the example broker Forex4You.

Open an account with ДЦ Forex4You (this is the dealing center is best suited for beginners) on your computer and install them trading platform Metatrader 4 - Program transactions. Also, choice, can install Metatrader 5, but we recommend starting with the terminal version 4. You can download it when opening an account directly from your account. About, as free open a real account, detailed written directly on the site center. After this transfer into account the planned amount (minimum deposit – U.S. dollar) and everything is ready for the real work of this. Withdraw money from the account and transfer them without leaving the house, by the credit card, electronic purses (Webmoney, Yandex Money).
2. If you are not familiar trade term for trading at Forex, important to conduct some training in demo mode. 
3. Downloaded archive Distributive (Demo) Metatrader trading terminal 4 Forex4you.  Click on the link and on the opened tab, left column, кликаем на "Открыть Демо счет». You should see the screen

Как начать торговать на форекс
Open the first item and proceed to download the trading terminal , download the MetaTrader 4 MultiTerminal. According to the results, you can download the installation does not run it, because when it is complete the program will require to enter your login and password. Directly to obtain confidential data need to go to the second paragraph, the establishment of the terminal. It should be emphasized, that at this point we are getting and installing another terminal, whose name – MetaTrader 4. This is the base terminal, and MetaTrader 4 MultiTerminal represents only one of its variants. Depending on your personal preferences, to trade can be in any of these, however novice best assimilated within the terminal base MetaTrader 4. Нажимаем на "Установите терминал" under the picture of the second paragraph and see the following window. 
установка МетаТрейдер 4 MultiTerminal

установка МетаТрейдер 4 MultiTerminal 2
В данном окне нажимаем на синюю ссылку "Скачайте установщик программы", proceed to download MetaTrader 4, and then proceed to install the terminal on the PC. 
4. Run the setup, see the Immediate window.
МетаТрейдер 4 MultiTerminal заполнение реквизитов счета
Fill in this window all the required fields (You can use fictitious data). Regarding the amount of leverage, as well as the size of the deposit, they can choose at their discretion. It is mandatory to put in the "I agree to receive news by email" checkbox (actually no letters will not receive any).
Click on "Next" ... 
6. And see box
регистрация счета
Again, click on "Next". 
7. A window opens. 
счет зарегистрирован
Record issued username and password, under which in the future you will be able to go to work in the terminal. They must be used immediately and for the future of the entrance to the Meta Trader 4 MultiTerminal (if your computer install it). Click on "Finish". 
8. Some time later, your eyes gaze working terminal window, in which you can work directly. In it, we arranged graphics, each of which corresponds to a particular currency - graphics green on a black background. It is possible, that you open a different number of graphs or they will be implemented in other colors (к примеру, graphics orange on a white background). Customize the color scheme is always possible as they wish, if you click on the chart window, right-, а в появившемся меню выбрать "Свойства" и "Цвета" (tab).
МетаТрейдер 4 рабочая область терминала
Now the illustrative example we show, how to execute transactions. For example, consider the popular pair EUR / USD. Graphs of three other pairs (tools) pressing the red cross just close. Window graphics EUR / USD to last us for the entire area of ​​work, taking in the lower right corner. If necessary,, by the left mouse button, You can enlarge or reduce the size of the graphics. For, to master this, move the dates in different directions the mouse cursor with the left button. Then in the bottom left corner click on the tab "Trade" in the lower left corner. In principle, different area of ​​the window to open and close them, you can, opening the "View" (located in the menu at the top). 
9. Take the following form of the terminal window.
Figure 6 

At the bottom, you can see, that our account is 1000 USD. Right click on the gray bar, which reflects the balance sheet data. A window with a menu, where click on "New Order." 
10. It will look as a result of terminal. Особое внимание стоит обратить на окно "Тип", где написано "Немедленное исполнение". 
ордер - немедленное исполнение
Here we can immediately (at the price of, that exists on the market now), in the window by selecting "Volume" number of lots, or sell euros (Sell ​​and press confirm), or buy (Buy and press confirm). Similarly, immediately open the market price position. In the case of, if in the window "type" we indicate "Pending order", we see on the screen of putting the application window ("отложенного ордера").
11. Exterior windows of putting the application ("отложенного ордера"). 
отложенный ордер
If the window "type" we click on the "Pending Order", we can according to the desired price for us to put a request to buy / sell. If the price (market) reach exposed our prices, that our application will be automatically executed and the position will.
12. Thus, the window looks like the one open position and exposed one application to open a position. 
открытие позиции
The figure 9 evidently, as the next open position: Sales (колонка "Тип" стоит "sell") 1.00 Lot price 1.3250. This position is reflected over the strip of gray balance data. The right column shows the position of profit and loss, that could be received by you, if the position has been finished at the current moment immediately. В нашем случае можно увидеть "-10". In figure shows, that exhibited an order to buy 1.00 Lot price 1.3250. Visible exhibited this application directly under the gray bar with the data balance.
13.How to close an open position for immediate order. Right click on an open position (located above the strip with the balance). The menu opens, in which you need to click on the "Close Order" and confirm the action in the next window. Looks.
закрытие позиции
14. Closing a Position: how to put a request to the selected price. 

Right-click on the mouse position (is placed over the strip with the balance). There small window sizes, where you need to choose "Modify or Delete Order". If, according to the picture, You have an open position SOLD (sell) 1.00 Lot (в колонке "Объем") at the price of 1.3250, then for profit, в окошке "Тейк профит" price should be set at least, than 1.3250. As seen in Figure (столбец T/P), in our example, is worth the price 1.3230. If there was an open position PURCHASE (buy) 1.00 Lot costs 1.3250, then for profit, в окошке "Тейк профит" should exhibit greater price, than 1.3250. Когда цена на рынке достигнет выставленной в окне "Тейк профит" Prices, in automatic mode, your position will be closed on this date source price. 
15. With this intuitive and simple instructions, You can easily take the first steps on the road are familiar with all features of the terminal trade Metatrader4. Feeling confident, that the fundamentals are clear and understood by you, you can begin to trade on a live account.