Rating brokers formed of votes and reviews (with rating items) Site users! Read calculated as the Forex broker rating.

Forex broker rating includes 2 components:

  • User Ratings (vote "for" or "against")
  • Feedback from users rated

Thus the user can leave a review about the broker with the assessment or confine rating items.

User Ratings

To calculate the rating, we did not use a scoring system. On some sites, you can see how people can evaluate the performance of a broker on a scale of 1 to 10. But, as experience has shown, these estimates are not always objective. Many users can not balanced approach to exhibiting the assessment. For example, if for some reason the person left a negative opinion about the broker is likely putting them biased too low valuation, significantly underestimates the overall ranking. Or, otherwise, conversely, high scores. Besides, we all have different criteria for evaluating.

So we went towards simplifying exhibited ratings, why value rating was precisely.


There are only three points values ​​exhibited broker:

  • +1 * In - vote "yes", Review the user with a "good";
  • 0 - Lack of voice, Review user rating "Fair";
  • -1 * In - vote "against", Review user rating "Poor";

where W - weight assessment.

Weight estimates

For voting and comments there different weight. So, votes cast for it is 1, and for reviews 2. Weight reviews so he backed up real "picture" of the trader.

Time frame

Rating is considered in the past 6 months (180 days). This is done to more accurately track  If changes are improved estimates broker or vice versa deteriorate. In addition, it gives a new brokerage companies in a short time to take a well-deserved place in the rankings table.

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