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ADX – аббревиатура от Average Directional Index, which can be translated as an index, showing the average direction of motion graphics, refers to the standard technical indicators, which should show the effect of existing trend.

Ask или Offer - The current bid price or offer price.

Aussie - So merchants used to call Australian Dollar.

Basic deposit, or angliyskom Principal Value - The amount of money, which was initially invested.

Broker (Broker) - One of the active participants in the market, which is the intermediary between private traders and large market participants.

Paper profit, bumažnyj Loss on anglijskom to sound as Floating Profit and Floating

Loss current level of profit or loss on open positions more.

GDP, abbreviation of the gross domestic product, or GDP - shows the level of production of the economy of any country and, accordingly,, This measure figure income nation, for Forex is a significant parameter.

Elliott Waves - Method of analysis graphs, based on the analysis figures, which include three or, or five waves.

Fibonacci retracement or the native language Fibonacci Retracements -: some levels, characterized by a high probability of a trend change, calculated as 23.6%, 32.8%, 50% or 61.8% range of existing trend.

VPNs, acronym for virtual private server - a special virtual environment, allowing traders to work with advisers or trading platforms without the use of a home computer, which consequently eliminates the trouble in the form of unexpected outages, etc.. n.

Gap or Gap - The difference, obtained by subtracting from the closing price of the previous period, the opening price of the next trading period. In the case of Forex price difference on Friday evening and Monday morning.

CCI или аббревиатура от Commodity Channel Index, which means that the commodity channel index - one of the indicators of technical analysis, used to determine the conditions as overbought, and oversold.

CFD or an abbreviation of the Contract for Difference - a tool for market, which allows you to make a difference in the purchase and sale of shares and other goods, these products without having to buy. Also known as a contract for difference.

CPI or transfer the consumer price index - a special measure of inflation, based on the statistics of price changes a certain basket of goods.

Long position, often referred to as Long - This is the position, open for the purchase and sale-oriented.

Usable Margin it is a translation from English to Useable Margin - Represents the amount of cash, placed on deposit, which can be used to participate in the trade.

ECB, abbreviatura of The European Central Bank - This is the main organization of the European Union, which is responsible for financial regulation.

ECN-брокер - Type of broker, which provides its customers with direct access to the rest of the market players. At the same time the broker is practically no such thing as a spread and it does not restrict scalping and not engaged in trade against the client, but for each executed order are levied for the previously agreed fee.

Fed abbreviation of the Federal Reserve System of the USA - this is the main organization of the United States, engaged in financial regulation. Division FOMC, this organization inter alia regulates federal interest rates.

Flat or Flat - The name of the neutral trader, which occurs when closing all of its positions.

Floating leverage or angliyskom Floating Leverage - Leverage is constantly changing, depending on the volume of transactions a trader.

Fundamental analysis or Englishness napisanie Fundamental Analysis - System analysis rыnka, which takes into account the news and the economy indicators, and a variety of global events.

GTC, Abbreviation of Good Till Canceled - This Un Certain display, which allows the trader to buy / sell the currency at a certain price or worse. Order valid until its full implementation or until it is canceled.

Hedging or that too and Hedging - is the process of maintaining market position in the state, provide an open position in the opposite direction of the existing.

Used Margin, translation from English to Used Margin - represents the amount of cash placed on deposit, which should insure all open positions.

Jobs - This is the language of the traders, market participant oriented toward fast, but little gain, obtained in just one working day. These market participants, generally, the evening close all their positions, leaving open on the following days.

Cable or the same as Cable - as traders call the currency pair GBP and USD submitted.

Kiwi - This is a special name in the jargon of the New Zealand dollar traders.

The Commission or Commission - funds received by the broker from traders for operations.

Carry trade Russian interpretation of phrases Carry Trade - position, having a positive swap, which does not close. The task of such a position to profit from the difference of bank interest rates.

Liquidity или Liquidity — мера, characterizing the relationship between the volume and the price.

Lot or Lot - A specific number of conventional units or amount of money, in most cases, multiple 100, which is necessary to perform.

Margin Call - One of the requirements broker, which requires the trader to fund your account when you reach a certain score and the pre-specified minimum.

Margin or the same as the Margin - a kind of pledge, the investor should put a broker, to ensure that their trade, margin is usually equal to the maximum possible loss Trader, which he may incur.

Margin account, translated from English Margin Account - account, on which the investor keeps their funds to trade in the market.

The control module percentage distribution, translation of the English phrase Percentage

Allocation Management Module, Abbreviations used PAMM - system allows investors to invest in traders and still maintain control over the money through the platform provided by the broker.

Moment or TOZÉ What and Momentum - characteristic Rates, which describes the possibility of its progress in the same direction.

Leading Indicators, на английском Leading Indicators — это индекс, which includes the ten most important indicators. This index allows us to predict the development of the economy for a long period ahead, about a few months.

Open position, the anglijskom to sound as Open position - position, at which the currency is bought or sold.

Pivot or the same thing as Pivot Point - The main point of support / resistance, calculated based on the maximum and minimum values ​​of the closing trend.

Pips also, that Pip - so called minimum possible change certain currency pair quotes.

Support, English Support - level, at which the currency starts to sell well, and as a consequence of price increases.

Offer or that too and Ask - is the purchase price of the currency trader.

Profit or profit - the sum Deneg, received at the closing position trader.

Order, angliyskom of Order - Fairy, which instructs the broker to buy / sell the currency at a specified price.

Showing the limit, anglijskom to sound the Limit Order - Display, prescriptive broker, open, close positions on specifically prescribed or best price. This price is called the limit or limit.

Stop-limit order, the anglijskom Stop-Limit Order - view, which prescribes to sell or buy the lot at a specific price.

Display stop-loss or anglijskoe Stop-Loss Order - review, which should close the position as soon as the graph reaches a certain level, worse in comparison with the initial. The task of this order to minimize the maximum loss the trader at the wrong forecasting. Most traders use in their work a combination of stop-order with a limit order.

Displaying teйk-profit by anglijskogo Take-Profit Order - Display, which requires close position, once the profit will come to a predetermined level. Task order to fix the existing profit.

Real profit, real loss - profit or loss, the resulting close-.

RSI, аббревиатура от Relative Strength Index — индикатор, that by comparing the bearish and bullish market sentiment measures the specific direction of price movement.

Market Order, transfer the anglijskogo Market Order - Display, which prescribes to buy or sell the lot at the current price at the moment.

Retail Price, English version of the Market Price - the price of any currency pair, prevailing at the moment.

SL — аббревиатура от Stop-Loss Order.

STP, abbreviation of Straight Through Processing - is a fully automated system, which monitors the timely execution of all orders. About 99,9 % Brokers use this system.

Swaps or that too and Swap - fee for the transfer of trader positions open to them the next day. Due to the fact that no trader, or broker does not have the revenue currency, the broker must pay the difference in interest rates of currencies in a pair. This difference may be different and positive, and negative.

Scalping or the same thing as Scalping - special trading style, which provides a large number of opening positions in order to obtain small, but a quick profit.

Moving Average или на английском Moving Average, used abbreviation MA - a key indicator of technical analysis, which is calculated from a series of charts of different periods. Are even exponentially weighted moving average or EMA and WMA, and some other, which differ from each other by calculating.

Slipping or Slippage - the name of the phenomenon, which is characterized by execution of the order to the broker at a price, different from specified in the order. Maybe it's a "fast market", weak liquidity or inability to perform broker orders available.

Resistance or the same as the Resistance - a price level, the achievement of which projected a sharp increase in sales, any price reduction.

Demand, Englishness Bid - price sale.

Spread, English Spread - the difference in the purchase price and the selling price of a particular currency.

Standard Lot, английское Standard Lot — 100,000 units of the base currency in any currency pair bought.

Technical Analysis, anglijskoe Technical Analysis - one of the methods of analysis of market, which is based on technical data market, such as quotes, etc.. n.

City — аббревиатура отTake-Profit Order.

Trend, English Trend - direction of market development, which has developed under the influence of certain factors.

Loss, English Loss - Loss, resulting from the closure of a long or short position in a lower or higher price, respectively, or in the case of, when the spread exceeds the income broker trader.

Bank rate, British Interest Rate - the interest rate tsenrobanka, on which commercial banks receive funds from the same central bank.

Settled position, английское Closed Position — позиция, which was closed after performing all.

Expert Advisor, British Expert Advisor - special program, which allows you to manage positions without human intervention.