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I note as one of the best is their. Since, freshforeks very actively offers a variety of events and competitions, которые не столько развлекательные, сколько отличный шанс для трейдера. Как вот последний конкурс по их ПАММу, в котором я имею достаточно серьезные шансы.
Teletrade is not suitable for serious work, Only a novice to try, acquainted with kitchens, no more.
Wow, kitchen for a long time now and there is no, as my 85 the residue fraction they, and she in the rankings but still at the top.
Recently Fréchet was an action, when replenished rubles, then translated at 50 RUB. Well dollars. I joined the expense, and got a lot more. Although the, that there was a difference bonuses, but trade bonuses and loss involved. That is, it is considered as a deposit in MM. As a result get more calculated monthly income. Profitably, recommend.
Nadozhe, MMSIS long gone with the money clients, and even obganyaet deystvietlno decent companies in the ranking.
Strangely, that the broker, virtually bankrupt, still holds a leading position in the rankings.
Great broker is well-established
With great apprehension, acquainted with the mass of any literature, and of course talking with a friend, which successfully works Forex Club, I threw Alpari, where it is very difficult for me, become accustom to working with this broker. There were moments, I regretted, that began operations. But to give a little experience to get by, work has gone more or less successfully, and began to make a profit, though small. And all because, that the broker has a very accessible information and job opportunities for the beginner, convenient input and output means. Although I had to completely switch to a favorite Webmoney Yandex Money, since there are problems with it.
I'm new to the market broker FXOpen, checked in there a couple months ago. Now I have a trade goes well, every month see progress. This company has all the necessary conditions for successful trading, so work with it safely and profitably. If a good understanding of the principles of trade, then you can earn a lot here. With the input / output means there is no problem, so I'm happy.
I'm new to the market broker FXOpen, checked in there a couple months ago. Now I have a trade goes well, every month see progress. This company has all the necessary conditions for successful trading, so work with it safely and profitably. With the input / output means there is no problem, so I'm happy.
My experience with this broker is very good. Not only that this broker and advertised on television and on the Internet, so it also gives you the opportunity to really make. I personally earned his money on many brokers. But most of all I liked this. Just trade. But my horse - investment. I invested in the best traders and get a good income. And yet few people are cheating broker. In what sense - his advisor helps not to make money, and drained.
I loved this broker. Initial reviews were about him very, but wanted to try. Pleased, that the initial amount of 5 $. All payments came within two days, matter, how much amount was. Overall, great broker. First, more confused by the fact, that there was little training video, but basically,never figured out, I realized, it's not that hard really.
One of the positive aspects of «Mill Trade» - is, they're pretty good help for beginners, Only those who came to this world. Help them manifested in the fact, что «Mill Trade» дает Welcome-бонус 100% on your first deposit, which is very important at the start, but of course can not but rejoice Mill-bonus program 20% for each replenishment. Here, as for me, so the most convenient trading platform MetaTrader 4 и cTrader.
FC was my first broker, and probably as many other. All the matter in their ambitious advertising campaign, which includes advertising in public transport and rollers on the first channel. By the time, it was the only tc, who spent so extensive advertising campaign. After this, lyuoy novice trader thinks - "it's really reliable firm, and with it I can earn". I actually thought so, and of course nothing of the sort. Club is the same "kitchen" like all other, but the company is positioning itself as a Starter, it takes huge commissions, vparivaet some training courses and does not even have big bonuses. Eventually, if all Russian tc just bad (and is also just uzhzhasnye - mmsis example), then ForexClub is on the step below. Robust desktop drain.
Good broker, as for me. Working with him for about a year, No specific complaints. Warrants work quickly, technical support at a high level, always respond promptly, correctly, politely, patiently and clearly. Another plus, I would like to note that this broker is a quick withdrawal of money. And the conditions they are quite acceptable for beginners, and for more experienced traders. So I recommend to all broker Masterforex, who wish to earn on Forex market.
Thank you for this site, only - for him I had a steady interest in binary options and realized, that it is still not a casino. I have just one question Algobit, how to sell here, possible because the turbo like to do it. Else noticed, that the expiration time is better to choose automatically. Very good robot, trust him. Recently traded on the notebook, turned, which was 15 Winning trades are turned 11. Think, that such a result would have pleased many.
plan for earnings to buy account - MetaTrader ECN, this is a more serious level and other features.
The demo is not long counted sidel. Figured out in less than a day. I recommend this broker friend, which is more than 3 years in the topic. Hvalil tem, it easy for a beginner in most times. Working on a standard account - minimum deposit 50 $, No commissions, fixed spread. Dividends get to Webmoney.
I want to share your experience about NORD FX.Nasha friendship was 2 months. They really make a fool. When working on a demo, all tiptop, right herringbone. And what comes to real accounts, so start chorus. Traffic bully, disconnect terminal. Enter the market only when it is profitable. Service is often not available, and technical support provider for all dumps. Horror simply. Orders are executed as themselves want. Most do not work with them and do not advise anyone.
Freshforex - is a young and promising at the same time the broker. I myself have recently learned about it and now I test this service. So far I have not found it significant disadvantages and this broker is very much like me, and especially that, here you can get cash bonuses. I quickly figured out it now and earn. Also encouraged the rapid withdrawal and responsiveness support, if something goes wrong, I will immediately appeal to them.
Hello! Trader for more than 15 years on the market. Strictly speaking - it is not just a trader, a large corporation, huge undertaking transactions with investors' funds. When I started to invest in forex, I knew exactly, whom to entrust their money. And after 2 years, I made the right choice. Plus a huge amount alpari, firstly, is a constant and stable profits, secondly, it is an opportunity to change the manager at any time, thirdly, incredible bonuses. But as in any ointment, has its own fly in the ointment - this is a big minimum investment amount , component 100$.
Long heard about this broker- Masterforex all Nikak hands not dohodili. Recently they have registered and have no regrets. While, trade obtained excellent. For beginners will be more interesting, as a real account can be opened from one dollar. With the withdrawal of money do not pull, and this is important. Leverage, also provided normal. Transactions do not often strongly, therefore, Commission that there. But it is not as great as in other.
I do not know why such positive feedback on broker, for me personally "shabbiness" this broker there, though, because there is no normal way I / replenishment, not even vebmani. It is very inconvenient!
MRC Markets traded with more than a year. MRC Markets - this is one of the largest brokers in the world. For successful trading, The company provides excellent conditions. Good reliable platform MRC-MetaTrader 4, MRC-MetaTrader 4 Mobile, MRC-MetaTrader 5 - For computers and smartphones. Have the opportunity to receive up to an additional 8,25% APR, not to use the money to trade, Spreads from 0 points for all trading accounts. For, to conduct trade large volumes, than, in stock, company provides leverage from 1:20 to 1:500. Here is an opportunity to trade with one account tools all markets. Working around the clock support, Online Chat, individual approach to customers (there is a personal manager for each). And for VIP-clients, there special conditions. This broker advised my friend friend, I did not know, where better to start. And to start it at all? But somehow adapted, although you need to start a very long time to train, find your strategy, prilovchilis. While bargaining is. See more. Can, find more interesting options? And generally try, Only then will be able to learn, that suits you the most. You big earnings!
I opened an account in CRM only after, lost as a deposit in another company. Just starting to trade, and did not know many things, thought the course will deal quickly and earn, but when he lost his money, peg I was quickly shot down. Then still read a lot of reviews, decided, I was deceived, Now it becomes clear, I do not understand. Then opened the scoring, I advised familiar. Initially, the training demo, studied for a long time, and tested different strategies. After three months, started on a real money account. Now sells and all is well. I can not say, everything is perfect, but there is much to grow. And trust this broker, it is most important.
One of the oldest dillingovyh companies working in our market. Reliability and experience of the company did not take. Torguю EE counted about goda. Conditions are good. Attracted by the opportunity to work with small cash investments and lots Cent. Such proposals are especially necessary when groping movements of the trend with minimal losses. Slips quotes and current prices never. There are options to use Adviser on acceptable terms. Conclusion comfortable and fluent in international plastic cards. Nice and quiet work, no unpleasant surprises by broker. Pleased with the quality and fruitful cooperation.
Great broker for beginners, action they are really very good. With this bonus account can even try your hand at binary options, which is very convenient, no need to open an additional account and uploading it to the minimum amount, which sometimes high for new users. I also enjoy a high level of InstaForex because those. Support, had to go several times, answered quickly, polite and available. Withdraw without delay also occurs within a specified time, main pass verification Bonus Account.
Personally, I arranged all, opportunity to work in different time intervals, a large set of indicators for the analysis of market trading. Quick news update, which allows almost constantly in the course of economic news, which allows time to change or correct order. The only thing that surprised me a little - it is a form of the system PayPal. In Europe, it is much easier, which allows almost instantly produce all financial transactions. And in Russia, there is what that special forms of account opening, that makes it impossible to put it mildly to trade from Russia with PayPal. It would still be nice if the conditions for opening a PayPal account were the same for all countries.
Sorry, Spread is not 3 cents, and 3 paragraph
Trade on the LSE for two months. Throughout the robots were as profitable trades, and unprofitable. But, impressions were good broker. Very fast platform, which gives you the ability to quickly and easily do what he likes. Delays in payment are not observed, money came always on time. In my opinion, point, what should be in the broker is a fast payment. In general, the work was satisfied!
Looking for a new broker. She turned attention to Mill Trade. Reviews of course mostly positive. But I was tormented by doubt and that's what occasion. Why did such a dynamic company registered in the Marshall Islands offshore. Undertake to assume nothing, but it was a rash on their part. Not a very good reputation, if you decide to go to the market seriously and for a long. I shown them pryhlyadыvat.
Began to trade with a broker AdmiralMarkets and still use their services. Poor can not say anything. Very convenient platform for trading. Problems with input- withdrawal of funds has never been so far. So, I recommend you try. Still want to notice, that the site is very much useful information. You can learn the most from virtually zero. You can then test their skills on demo- account.
Broker InstaForex znakomi ago. I started trading in the shares of the broker through, they are doing. The action is, to post comments, and for each of your message before you accrue 30 cents, which can then be transferred to the account and they have to trade. Very handy for beginners, Money 99% will be played, but the main experience. I do not like, that the spread of this broker 3 cents, it is enough, especially for intraday trading, which is now very popular.
Time is money. Competent broker trader always provides a single Exchange account and the latest software. And just as quickly and without delay responds to client. Procrastination at work on Exchange, even for a few seconds, can not only cost the loss of bargain, but the loss of trust trader so forth! These tips may seem simple. But judge for yourself, they have helped many to achieve success.
Mill Trade - young but well established himself as an investment broker. At first I did not pay attention to him, but after, when he received numerous awards for breakthrough in this sphere of activity - and he decided to work with him. After the first success now steadily working with a broker, invest money and get 7% monthly. Trying to recruit new people, as bonus program draws its very buns.
Personally, I arranged all, opportunity to work in different time intervals, a large set of indicators for the analysis of market trading. Quick news update, which allows almost constantly osvidamlennym on economic news, which allows time to change or correct order. The only thing that surprised me a little - it is a form of the system PayPal. In Europe, it is much easier, which allows almost instantly produce all financial transactions. And in Russia, there is what that special forms of account opening, that makes it impossible to put it mildly to trade from Russia with PayPal. It would still be nice if the conditions for opening a PayPal account were the same for all countries.
As a freshman he worked until a trial version, while not specifically studied and mastered all the charm of this broker. Here is the universal, quite functional and very easy to use desktop. Accustomed to the demo-version of the standard trading account opened. Nice work here, everything is clear and transparent. If you have any misunderstanding, or interesting questions, all answers will be obtained during and at the professional level.
Current trade on the stock exchange and a half month Bole. Throughout the robots were as profitable trades, and unprofitable. But impressions were good broker. Very fast platform , which will allow you to quickly and easily do what he likes. Delays in payment are not observed, money came always on time. In my opinion, it is important that there should be a broker - Fast Payment. Overall pleased with the work!
Really enjoy working with this broker. Most importantly it is suitable for beginners and for those who can not afford to invest large sums at once. Earnings stability and stable reliability and less risk, and that is probably the main factor in choosing a good broker. TenkoFx working with for about a year and a fully dovolnyy.Esli them you are just starting to learn forex broker then this will suit you exactly.
forex guide
forex guide... Official website of Forex | BROKERGID.RU ...
I can tell, it's not bad. Support works very well. Like I once made blunt with the conclusion, did not like it. They advertised on football and not bad doing it, that is how I thought of them in principle recognized. Nothing very positive I will not say, poor, except in the case also with the conclusion in principle was not. So mediocre. Someone might like. I eventually moved on to another broker.
Elena Petrova
Newsline here really stands, and I like it - get more knowledge, the more you can succeed. I must say that to achieve success and help experts, sensitive and responsive. From my view this broker is highly in demand in the international market Trade Forex. It is possible to withdraw funds, and quickly and reliably, but it is expensive for many.
This broker is not very popular, because of their youth, but despite this has many advantages. High Leverage, no minimum deposit and an extensive list of ways to output- the first thing you should pay attention. In addition, a variety of events are held periodically and pleasant bonus programs with monetary rewards. Many think will make the reliability factor, since this broker on the market recently. But, During this time freshforex showed their best side and he should be given a chance.
Daniel Spivakov
Great forex broker I'm trading for the past five years. First encouraged by the fact that they have great training for learning , and also quite easy to use program for trade. Of course initially for me was a huge minus the fact that the forex broker provides tag support in English only , but you know, with good knowledge of the language with them to really make quite.
Worked with this broker for four months. What can I say - complaints, in principle, havent. From time to time there have been problems with the conclusions, but everything was resolved with the help of the ubiquitous webmoney. In problem situations always helped tech support (although not always quickly). It has a wide selection of tools and platforms. Well, course, loved us all different promotions and bonuses (I personally received a bonus for verifying).
I will write my first review on this broker, and positive. Moved here with LiteForex, because their delay I just got. And moved on Masterforex because of ECN. Very pleased, caught the buzz. Through time took its first profit, no problems arose. If nothing has changed in this Broker - I will continue to cooperate with them. Work is done with one mouse click, performance - less than a second. True there is a small fee, but at the correct, competent and analyze the work is not substantially.
Participate in the program's top-20 . Like to be an investor, because the smaller the risk of losing money , remain always at a profit . Though of course if she was selling was more profit , but the risk of losing money is very large . And so can only go into your personal account just to check account. Every month I'm staying with a profit of not less than ninety dollars in. Well that there is no problem with WebMoney, easy to withdraw money, if there is certainly a card.
Great for broker. Like working with securities of the Russian stock market. Convenient terminal for trade. Especially worth mentioning versatile and operational support news, which is important for trade. Simple withdrawal of funds, to various embodiments. Online consultants are ready to help in any arising issues. Working with the company for four years, nor any difficulties with the submitted dillingovye services was not.
Well a lot of promising broker, a very good start and bright, it can tell all partners, that profit is not already removed once and continue to trade safely and on and accumulate their capital more and more. Many new members, can confirm my words, that everything works fine and does not give a bad profit, so why not trade, while digging and filter comments can earn good.
It is good for beginners, as for me. Works with small accounts, and this is a big plus for beginners, so how much money they are willing to invest in an unknown industry. Consistently earns, and it also pleases, because stability means less risk. After all, there are some brokers, who use aggressive technique, but it is, that lose almost all. This immediately discourages further cooperate not what the broker, and generally earn on forex. So I advise beginners as, and experienced users.
Work for a company Forex4you several mesyatsev.Uspeshnym trader himself not say schitayu.Mozhno новичок.Целеустремленность in this work before vsego.Kompaniya Forex4you in my opinion davolno prilichnaya.Horoshy,attentive broker.Nikogda not heard from him grubost.Kotirovki verifies,all input and chetko.Bystry vyvod.Polzuyus only Vebmani.Kompaniya has all litsenzii.Mozhno say,that the Commission and the spread sredniy.Ispolnenie orders mgnovenno.Tak,do not be afraid to join in this company.
Frankly, at first it was scary to work with the company TenkoFx, but I convinced myself, I must admit, that knowingly. Have been working for about seven months with this broker. About him can say that he is responsible to handle all 100% with its obligations. Payments normally come on the web mani. Starting with a meager amount of 5 $ to get solid dengi.Esche say trading platform in a convenient and secure company not a bit sorry that he began working with her.
Wonderful broker working with him for almost half a year and never I have not had him pritenzy. Working diligently to cope with their work. Money normally output via WebMoney. I admit at first it was scary, but when I tried everything turned, the more you can start with only vs'o 1 $. Big thanks to ISIGrrop for profit that I get.
Long look to this broker. Was in the office. Interestingly, I at that time had already opened a depot in Teletreyd, and so the trader manager said, that all come back to them after they. So I merged its depot in telly, and now seeking, whom to give the management of. Choice tends to this broker. Why? Personal Trader + free training.
I am a private investor and has long been cooperating this company. Constant delight stable payments. Invest in Golden Seven. Pleased with the results. The company has a very good service and support. Quickly and efficiently provide the answer to your question. Cchitaetsya this company one of the best investment projects to date. All you have to do - is to invest money and make a profit.
Overall not a bad broker, personally I like the user-friendly interface, quality technical support. Order to open and close instantly, No wires, breaks with the server. Money can be derived quickly and without any problems on a sufficient number of payment systems. Availability cent accounts - is an additional advantage for most beginners, who can not afford to invest large sums. But even if you can not trade on a real account, then open a demo account, you can do for free and test, work through their trading strategies.
Very nice and comfortable broker. Completely happy with my choice) Besides also very popular in the city I have not only one office apart. In choosing his can be completely sure) No problems, even thousands of dollar investments, even heard about other situations. I, ugh ugh ugh, all right) I would put it an excellent and still no, I think that can be even better) I always think, that can and should be better, in any situation All is well here! And I wish you the same)
Pretty young company, which has had time to prove themselves well in the short term. I want to mention favorable terms as a trader and investor. Speed ​​of execution and spreads at a high level, excellent investment program,guaranteed payments 7% per month. There is also a great affiliate program, which has already appreciated. No commission, Availability competitions, and three types of accounts further reinforce interest in the company. Mill Trade - uniquely suitable for beginners. All very well and just, support at the highest level and will always prompt.
Irina Mihalkova
You know even though I am new to the market to trade currencies ,but for a long time trust the broker and find it quite fine to trust him with their money. Well, in this short time I have not yet had any problems , the only problem was that I was wrong to put money into an account , but after contacting support situation pretty quickly decided , and without any hassle.
Larson&Wood - it, surely, the only forex broker, who does not put a spoke in the wheel for withdrawal of funds. Auto output distributed to every system. Amounts to 400 $ displayed almost instantly on webmoney, kiwi or credit card without paper bureaucracy. To display large amounts must be ordered from the bank, but even in this case, the output will be approximately three days. And, that many important, training they delivered very well and is available.
Once set about trying to trade on the Forex market. Why chose this broker - I do not know, may be the first caught the eye. But what I liked immediately - could start trading, with deposit 10 dollars, while similar iForex demanded 100 dollars(!). Besides, Forex Club simple - downloaded the program from Rumus, logged and all - could safely begin. I read the negative reviews on this broker - Payment delays, incorrect forecasts and other. Personally, I have all the wonderful - no problems with payments, if there were punctures, it is only my fault.
Write what I like this broker- do not know where to start. I work with Forex4you almost two years and during that time not accumulated any claim. If you speak clearly into the, what I like fast transfer of funds (several minutes); managers are always in touch (who understand the topic, he will understand, that for traders is a big problem); constant innovation and proposals to increase earnings. In short, you are super!
Alpari first saw when he was already very experienced trader. Even now I do not understand, why had not learned about the company. Carefully read the terms, was very surprised by the size of the initial deposit. Precisely because of this decided to open an account, I wanted to check broker. Started with about 3 thousand. dollars. Just do not know, whether they are worth it. Service is much better, than similar companies. Pleased counseling. Here you fully acquaint of service, that is different from other companies. Trading with Alpari I thought was very pleasant and profitable.
Almost constantly having problems with the operations of commissioning and decommissioning funds from this broker. SMS notification if come, then through 2-3 o'clock, that interfere with their. Type of service they launched, and then you can do nothing. Easy-Forex is also registered in Cyprus, a Russian site, but in our language there's no talking. After these problems, I went to another broker, this - ZADOLBAL!
A good broker is responsible for its obligations.. I have more 5 years of professional and trade the nordfx find one of the best companies , presenting their services in Russia. Failed several times to win their two-week competition. Prize, as promised, brought. Webmoney come within 2sutok, typically takes 1 day. I once hung money after hacker attack, but after all recovered and returned
This broker works for all 100% developers have taken care of as newcomers and those who are constantly working. Many convenient tools make the job easy and intuitive. Money is credited very quickly, problems with the conclusion is also no. For beginners, there is a demo account with 5000 dollars for training. This is quite enough to learn and understand the trade market. Also go to help useful articles, who can explain the principle and essence of the work.
My first broker!!! Five years ago, accidentally found this link online broker, and met with the financial markets. For the past two years working with another broker, as I work not only on the forex, but also on the stock market. With Forex Club never had no problems. Very easy for beginners: advanced training system, great forum, technical support, trading platform for beginners, different methods of input and withdrawal. Benefits will also appreciate the experienced traders, including trading terminal "Formula" with a powerful technical analysis. Of the minuses I note a fee for withdrawals and not cheap enough training.
very tight enough and long use platforms nord fx broker, generally, say, it is one of the best companies. sufficiently clear and quick response platform. not important enough-: opportunity to trade on "Cent" rates, but, as specified in the table, Bidding is not possible to start from the 1st dollar, and a little more, as opening positions taken bail, say on "Cent" rate of 10 cents - 2,70 dollar. so, opportunity to start trading occurs only if the balance is not less than 3 dollars. due to the small deposit for trading, This broker is very useful for beginners, moreover, when you open a real account, Broker gives 8 dollars on deposit, so to speak - lifting, which significantly raises the incentive to try this broker. try and let people accompany you luck.
In his time working with this broker, work and to this day, already 1.5 year. Personally, I like everything, Withdrawal is fast enough, Our terminal does not depend on a reasonable, works 24 hours clearly and without interruption. Particularly pleasing cent accounts, enable convenient trading strategies are designed for large deposits. When contacting support, respond quickly, clear and without evasion issues!
Been observing this company. Well-recommended among other brokers. Pleasing people reviewed offline. Often move by taxi, And so the taxi driver said, that for almost a year gets 10% on your first deposit 1000 dollars. Rapid conclusion. Gasoline 100 enough bucks. For me, so this is the best option - give money to the management. Yourself to become a trader get quite a small number of people. Therefore, in control and only MMCIS.
Frankly, have not dealt with this forex broker given, the fact, that he is little known in the CIS. However, heard and read about his distinctive sides of the Internet. Like, that investments are allowed with a $ 25-very important for beginners, who have no real experience in this matter, stock and user-friendly website for mobile devices. In the near future I am going to make sure the account is opened and distinctive about functionals.
Working with these forex broker for four years. Almost all provided conditions satisfied. The company has a proposal on the possible discovery of deposits with small amounts of money, which is especially useful for beginners. Decent list of traded instruments. It is also possible using an Advisor. Like news support. Withdrawal of funds is fast and has a lot of options. Of not quite comfortable moments I just want to highlight not comfortable register and login to your trading platform. Apparently it's done, for added security. Great representative of such companies.
Marina Ivanova
One of the best forex brokers from all with whom I had to work. First, we note that they have an excellent bonus program for each new person and most importantly I think they are the best experts in their field. Certainly not particularly pleased with the fact that the brokerage company does not work with systems like WebMoney or Yandex Money , however it is entirely compensated system visa and master card.
The proven and quickly gaining momentum among users, who do not mind to open an account and earn. Brings good profit and only invest 100$ for a start, that would multiply their income and enjoy. Easily may even start as beginners in this case. Better as they say more cases, than thought, until you think, others earn not bad money. I want to give you advice, open a couple of three bills and you can forget about work.
Alexei Kir'yanov
Working with this broker as a private investor. Invest in the program Index Top 20. First invested at minimum one hundred dollars, but noticing a constant interest payments Larger image deposit several times. Collaborate with the company for more than six months and no complaints. True payment systems for input and output of, working with this broker, could be more. Overall, Broker stable. Recommend to familiarize.
How about a site where you can trade not say anything as personally have not tried! Well, that investment programs are very, very pleased with the long watched as the broker has entered the market not so long ago! Analyzed program "Gold 7" compared it with a similar company MMCIS, Seven proved that gives a little more profit, and finally decided to invest. Now I remain very pleased with the steady month to month, getting a good interest. Sometimes I deduce not need a large amount on. overall the experience only positive!!!
Andrew Kalin
Great forex broker I'm trading for the past three years and during this time you know I still have not once had a problem. In addition, entry and withdrawal from the system occur in a pretty short period of time and most importantly quite competent system of technical support. One drawback is that the site and the trading program are presented in English , and so it seems to me that a huge disadvantage is that the company only works with Western systems of payment.
Like broker, conclusion is very simple, all securely and efficiently, attractive both for the beginner(for example, have the opportunity to open a demo account, for training, so to speak), and for the experienced trader on the stock exchange. Worthy looks from the competition. Limitations, certainly, but there is nothing catastrophic. Working with this broker for more than six months, pleased with the profit and mutually beneficial cooperation. Like broker, conclusion is very simple, all securely and efficiently, attractive both for the beginner, and for the experienced trader on the stock exchange. Worthy looks from the competition. Limitations, certainly, have to work with this broker for more than six months, pleased with the profit and mutually beneficial cooperation.
Not a bad quickly gaining momentum forex broker, which can be a good start, unless you start to put into action their fatal strategy, if you do everything in mind and in order, what would your money multiply, You can start with any. Point, that the goal was to increase their contributions, not just prosrat and then write negative, that etolohotron and stuff like that! As for frequent and happens mostly.
Train, transfer money to offshore and begin to lose and lose their money. Nothing good. I do not advise anyone to this broker, for a beginner such a bad experience may be the last, office due to frustration, well, let alone a man with experience, and there he will not climb. Train, transfer money to offshore and begin to lose and lose their money. Nothing good.
Met with the company in Teletreyd 2011 year. Was trained(fortnight), opened the scoring. When opened the scoring immediately alerted, that money in the bank translate in an offshore zone( then like Hong Kong). Result leaked 4500 u.e. for 9 months. Managers just did, that every effort to wrest from me more money, supposedly will soon, learn more, and so on. For 3 has completely changed the composition of managers, Bank already somewhere in Armenia new. All who, trying to make merged. Kitchen and eschё.
Very long sought alternative standard solution an additional type of earnings. After long hesitation, decided to cooperate with the broker TeleTrade. Now after 5 years of successful work in the Forex market, I want to say, that to achieve a successful trade, to go a long and laborious way. And for beginners, let there be no stopping first bad experience. Indeed, after a while you can get a good result and get permanent high income!
Met with the broker at the very beginning only as became interested in forex ... I had not yet experienced naveshali noodles on the ears here you go through training 1 week (now I understand how it is small and what we can learn in this period), Then you do not open a large deposit on 200 $ attracting investors, and trading in your PAMM ... Of course I did not try I merged your depot, and went to the self-study! Guys, I personally would not advise you to deal with this kitchen will not mention such a word as "broker" since it is not appropriate!
Promoted dillingovye center available to it a positive reputation and a solid customer base. Pros broker reliability of cash and earnings for simplicity O cards and bank accounts of customers. The main disadvantages, I think the lack cent accounts and are often slip quotes, so-called non-market prices. Mediocre center, with a strong advertising.
FOREX MMCIS group- forex broker acts as a reliable partner for investors, offering them the most favorable conditions for profit. I liked the fact, that you can open an account on 100$, Unlike other brokers as Forex Club or going Mill Trade, where you can invest from 200 and 300$ respectively. And another remarkable aspect - a wide range of convenient ways oplaty.Ochen, especially for people who earn online.
I am a newbie in forex and with great caution to invest in deposits. Long sought a suitable broker with the smallest lots. And so lucky - попал наForex4 you. Here I was all happy. Bets are placed in positions microlot, easy to select the right shoulder. And what's more important - heard from many of the low speed execution of transactions. My internet connection is not the fastest of, but problems with opening (closing) arise. Gradually starts poluchabsya, although already merged depot 3 times.
Worked with the broker. There are some features of the software on which it is desirable to know - for example at the closing day price may skaknut with a margin of one of the parties. It is inconvenient. Tried to work for other brokers had no such problems. Very convenient that you can open a demo account, to pre-break in your system. But the indicators have also discrepancies. Now a lot of literature on trade and each is defined description of tools for market analysis. So not all indicators were that I needed were available on this platform. But in general, you can work with the introduction of money into the account was not a problem.
My initial contribution was 100$ verification worked less than a day, output to kiwi in half an hour, map 2 days. On the withdrawal of employment data in the U.S., dependent on the terminal 8 minute
Broker is not bad but even so after trading another very famous Broker this seemed to me a little "so" . Major stocks in the work but not a lot of small flaws starting with the site buyout specifically the brakes
FOREX MMCIS group - a team of professionals, in which even a novice can feel comfortable. Collaborate with them for the second year and from the beginning has received all the necessary information, by means of free education. At the moment came on the interbank market and can boast excellent results, although your first deposit I lost. But patience and hard work have helped me achieve the desired. Рекомендую FOREX MMCIS group, as a secure base in the international currency market.
Began with a minimum deposit of just $ 5, first it was very vague and unclear, then slowly with the help of experienced professionals tips began to understand some of the nuances. Technical support at a good level. The only, Problems sometimes arise with the terminal, just hung out for a while. There are no problems with the withdrawal of money. Today is actively using a wide range of financial instruments to reach the heights of successful Forex trading.
Is not even a bad broker, relatively long proved itself is not bad and has already received a lot of fans, that no problems continue to invest their money and getting great interest from. I've been working with him for more than three months and so far only one joy of cooperation. I advise everyone from beginners to veterans of trading on the Exchange. You quickly notice, as your investment begins to make a profit and it eventually grows into a large capital.
About the most DTs will not say anything bad. Service is good. Support helps to solve all questions quickly and efficiently. The only problem was that after a year of work with Alpari, so that input lag means. But through 4 days to fix everything. I have experience with this broker as a private investor. Invested in the account's. Again, to seris not have any pritenzy, but good control on at par frankly not enough. Compared with other investment brokers Alpari brought me the small percentage. In other matters of the service itself is not to blame, case managers themselves in. I am glad that the company is constantly evolving and is not in place. In general remained positive impressions.
Worked with this broker last year. All personal when you trade up or deuteron. pipsovat scalp and then you will not be many transactions go into minus seemingly even in a quiet market (requotes and slippage are taking place). In general, put a good estimate mk trade the deuteron and I was all arranged.
normal broker, deal in here already six months - know the problems. Execution Rules - as an example all the rest can be put brokers. and so I changed them a couple of pieces. pleased with shorter.
I work with a mill just a few months, invested in the mill-invest and parallel demo began with master sitreyderom, minimum salary but they have been on a real 500$, turnover such money was not, and would love to trade! So they took off from May Minimal twice and I've had time to test on a real account! Now I'm an investor and trader slightly! All the cool!
withdrew from the partnership 200 bucks, telefonchik bought myself a simple. Nicely. Kind of like doing nothing, and money is. Finish your website,should be interesting to attract new referelov
not quite get myself to trade. On the demo fly like crazy, but in the real world still turns worse. Triggered fear and did not get to open position in Long, Only pips ... practicing more competitions, like nothing turns, but so far it has not received the palm)))
Service-Invest accounts (a kind of PAMM) the best in Forex Club. They later it all started - and because probably the best (in the sense of comfort and visibility): take into account the experience of predecessors. Traders there, as elsewhere, any, but the main, that there are good and experienced.
Since last year, April invest in "Seven" - made before April Reinvest, and then removed - good amount turned! On the ninth or tenth month deposit has been increased just twice! Who still have doubts, thinks - do not waste time! Nowhere else you will not earn that kind of money, while doing nothing!!!
Uncle Fedor
I Milken invested six months ago, My wife and I consulted and decided that suits us millinvest, with the starting depot had no problems - money just from the wedding were. Profit sometimes deduce because I have not always stable earnings, and the income from Milky always helps. I plan on working with them, TRADE hesitate, but they have a cool affiliate. I'm in the company, if you are looking to invest in the forex think Milka noteworthy.
First time brought out the golden sevens after counted income for November. Never was unexpectedly, more 12% even turned. And this despite the fact that I'll never traded himself, and did it for me! I just received the money. Cool course
I've personally copying transactions are not very good attitude.. As for me so they Bywater on proigrash) you personally and how the program works?? And what it means to start ...? For newcomers or something?
A different level is what you mean??? What is your level is now better inst??? I just answer me about her good heard and thought too little to invest here ... Interested in your opinion..
But do not infer.. Can of course because it is small , and all 980$.. But to be honest I do not see sense and then start it constantly display.. I've had to deposit money in a bank holding, on 2 year forgot about them, percentage of course so-so, but still dripped ... And if shooting continuously, so all good there would not be ... So here, too, saving up and shoot ...
I deduce steadily every month, by kiwi. Have an average of 150 bucks a month, when more, when less ... On spending enough. I want to add to the deposit, but it needs to reinvestpirovat, and I have not had time to enjoy percent.
They all normally, but at the expense of output also want to note, which can be quickly and. Although I am on the map and deduce this method is considered the longest. I have a couple of days it takes. Everything else there are no claims.
Output time does not depend on the amount, Mauger the workload do not know. Prior to this, threw the card on 50-60 bucks and all, days 4 withdrawn. On Friday ordered 500 withdraw, and that after the massive profits by charging all sevens and Invest, and to me money today dripped, obtained about a day. It is important that everything is OK , Nitsche not exceed, do not play on the nerves
Well, a whole different can infer. See more on what output systems. All five days I have no one saw, to output. Well, maybe just do not know. I usually passes output per day, Visa card use. Generally nothing to complain about, as a client ratio in the company I am very impressed.
Booked my first conclusion this Monday, 21 Numbers in 10.40 and Wednesday 23 number in the afternoon already come. And on the forums that scared me earlier than 5 days did not withdraw. Strange, Well I brought. 5 days maximum apparently, usually faster output. Overall satisfied, first pancake is not lumpy, cooperation will continue.
I remember how much it was a rough and tumble with these DC, how much I have changed their. On Trading enhanced by 2010 year, and of course when there is a drop of experience, then chances are nalezt to scam. So I was not spared. But experience is not given to us for nothing, Now really mad plucked, neater choose with whom to work. About Mio first trade was not particularly high opinion, but watched. In July opened an account and started trading. Not only jinx, but things are going, greshkov them as a permanent re-quotes and no delays were. There are nuances, but while all satisfied.
is, as already seen on the demo. but then more or less even. and unlike prior tc, where freaks sdlki revoked and returned deposit, that still pobozheski. now among traders even kidding ferarri. with this I am in shock. doubt, I so happy for NG basement, but still
I 5 Referral Partner Program for Everyone 7 and no one has never complained to me did not write, that Mauger was detained there or something a little counted, I do not know. All without problems. Well I myself invest, how to keep track of himself this topic. Affiliate program is the same, get your money. I think that as an option to earn without spending time on it just fine. I have time to drive and universities and part time :)
I think not quite elaborate bonus system. Generous bonuses. Not reproach but in investing with them like a hare with the fifth leg, they do not participate. It turns out that I had in the Golden 7 400 dollars in the account and hanging the same bonuses. Necessary or very start trading or just hammer on this business. True similar system with all the brokers. As I explained to the familiar, not worth all those bonuses to pay attention, the main thing that turns on Seven percent higher, himself even with bonuses as you figure natorguesh. I received a 2 month profit more with the same money that this friend of mine from some broker yourself. Vote you and professionalism. Broker satisfied
Nikitos, demo on this one, they usually climbs when already on a real, Well, or maybe just because your tangible money. I deal in standards for, demo also tested, so that you can move and are not afraid. hang-ups, and the truth is not. tc although young, but while trying to. you can trade.
I have almost all well known at least some amount, at least the minimum, but given the management of Mil TRADE )) It's funny and somehow cool and profit. More on the affiliate program work. And here at work as recreation or entertainment as more. Can be different and interesting people to meet at the same time earn money. A Mil trade meanwhile grows .
Great broker to start, has good functionality for micro, pretty good condition there is a service copy transactions and PAMM.
Worked with the broker when I started trading forex. In general, nothing negative I can not say, but the deposit was a small 1-2k. Besides trade mainly day-and medium so that the speed of execution of orders I was not too excited, but like everything was quickly. Now I am working with another broker, and changed simply because Cho went to another level
In general, this broker met my expectations. for more than 4 months working with a small account (200-300$), until everything is fine. They say, that problems can go up if the bill to raise 5000-10000$ and trade successfully. I do not know how true this is can someone check?
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Nothing is lame. That, that there is no video, it means nothing. Now video shaft Online, See how much your heart desires. A great selection of the literature. Beginners can very useful. At the expense of trade in the real world - the terminal is in full swing plow, in principle, no requotes. I trade without hesitation standards for month. Pereydёsh, I Ocenis;)
The training system is lame. No video visual materials, some books can not eat, sense to know everything and not be able to see everything clearly? Pleases even the demo works flawlessly. 2 months her torment, not zametil us rekvot us podvisaniй, Spread moderate. Though jokes would not appear on the real. It looks very decent broker. Much surprised o_O
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In general I like the broker, while bargaining with him not so long ago, at the moment all satisfied. Prompt execution of orders, without rekvot and TD.